Lesser Known Programming Blogs

These are programming blogs I think are great! I’ve chosen some to avoid overlap with other similar compilations[1-4] so hopefully there’ll be something new for everyone. There’s a few non-programming blogs at the bottom that might tangentially interest programmers too.

Ben Cox (benjojo)

Ben has the coolest homepage ever no contest. As the background, it loads an old operating system at random that you can interact with! His posts are often very hands-on with a focus on networking. Check out his post about “Tealemetry”.

ACM Queue (Association for Computing Machinery)

ACM is a huge society divided up into many SIGs (Special Interest Groups) and Queue is a publication they release online regularly. It looks like a journal but it reads closer to a blog. Most topics in Software Engineering are covered, by a range of authors.


The Worst Python Code Ever


A while ago some friends and I brainstormed some dumb functionality we would include in an over-engineered esoteric programming language. I’ve had a go at implementing some of them as a Python module (esoterrible) and I can confidently say it’s the worst code I’ve ever written. When you import it, it messes with your builtins to achieve the following “features”

UTC? What’s UTC?

Don’t even need to set timezones on your datetimes! Esoterrible will analyse whether your source code contains more British or American English (anglocentric, I know) and use that to enforce timezones on datetime objects. Also it complains if you try to use both British and American English.

When you use American and British spelling together


Launching Magic Playlists


Magic Playlists Site

Magic Playlists has been a side project I’ve been working on sporadically since early 2017 and I’m overjoyed to finally be able to release it today for anyone to use. It integrates with a Spotify account to provide two awesome features:


AWS GameDay


Unicorn Rentals Logo

Welcome to Unicorn Rentals! AWS GameDay invites you to try your hand at managing the infrastructure of the biggest player in the Legendary Animal Rental Market (LARM). This fictional company that AWS made for people to play as on GameDay is an excellent parody of all the worst practices you’ve heard of and lived through, believing in security through obscurity and firing their engineering team every few weeks. Unicorn Rentals needs YOUR HELP to deal with a swathe of mission-critical issues throughout the day.


Field Guide to Bash Terminals

Shell Linux

You’re setting up your bash profile. You go to the Bash man page. Damn… you just wanted to know where to stick your config and aliases and this page is written in legalese!

This is an overview of the different kinds of Bash terminal and how they find their config, written in less detail but more to the point.